The operations are structured to develop and operate hydrocarbons in the Appalachian Basin of the U.S.

Stephen L. Ford, President

Mr. Ford manages all facets of Vertical Energy, Inc.  For over 36 years his primary duties have included exploration, development, and land acquisition.  Mr. Ford has worked in the capacity of a completion engineer for Halliburton oilfield services, owner/operator of Black Stallion Drilling co., Synd Enterprises, Inc. and Mineral Management, LLC.  Mr. Ford’s responsibilities have and continue to be focused on complete program integration and development. His education was a major in business at Fairmont state college in West Virginia.

Stephen A. Ford, VP of Operations

Mr. Ford is responsible for any third party contracting, field consulting, and operations, along with financial management of VEI assets.  Mr. Ford’s field experience results from his family ties and associations to the industry during his youth.  His asset management abilities were acquired while receiving his MBA from Penn State University.

Arthur M. Van Tyne – Director and Consulting Geologist


Mr. Van Tyne is and has been responsible for identifying prospects, along with target depth development of drilling projects.  His knowledge of all geologic formations, especially the upper Devonian, which is the primary producing formation in this area, is regionally recognized by his peers as exceptional.  Mr. Van Tyne began his career as a geologist for shell oil co. He continued his career as the senior geologist for New York State until his retirement.  Since then he has operated his own geologic consulting business.  During his career, he has served on multiple boards and appointments and was elected as the national secretary for the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists).  Mr. Van Tyne earned his bachelor and masters degrees in petroleum geologist from Syracuse University.

James Davis – Completion Superintendent and Field Manager

Mr. Davis is responsible for service rig work, hydraulic injection, contracting, and complete oversight during well completions.  Mr. Davis began his career in a family owned and operated service rig company.  Mr. Davis has worked in the field since his early teens and understands every facet of the completion phase of the oil industry during his 40 years of dedication to the industry.  His on the job training is and has been invaluable.